Immovable Property


I bring you the plague

PERFORMANCE AND INSTALLATION, mixed media, Leeuwarden, 2017.

VHDG-SRV residency program

During 6 weeks, the artist traveled around Friesland in an old SRV bus. She developed a performance piece and later she produced an installation working with the documentation of that experience as material. 



The artist made a performance in which she moved a piece of ground from one place to another.

First, tools were made so she could excavate the site and transport that which she took.

To find suitable locations the artist had to convince people to entrust her with a piece of what they owned.

Each time she would bring a piece of the previous owner and in turn take a similar piece away.

Of each exchange a contract was made, drafted by artist and owner in collaboration.


For the making of the contract a model was used. It was an old contract found in an archive that described the selling of a small piece of land that would be transported somewhere else. It was written in Dutch, the language of the Law even in Friesland, where most people speak Frisian in their homes. As the artist does not fully understand the language (one or the other), she asked the people to dictate the document to her, changing dates and places and some other information to make it suitable to the here and now. She would notate it as well as she could, but inevitably many spelling mistakes appeared in the transcription.Because of the old fashioned handwriting the document was very difficult to read, and even harder to dictate. The artist encouraged the readers to fill in the gaps by inventing that which they did not understand. The contract describes how a piece of land is taken into the custody of the artist who performed the role of the notary. Both the owner whose land was taken and the previous owner signed the contract.

The audio of the people dictating the contract was available for the audience to listen to in the installation. In it the effort was evident, mixed with feelings oscillating between frustration and fun.

-Flora_Reznik_VHDG_071 -Flora_Reznik_VHDG_056 -Flora_Reznik_VHDG_079-Flora_Reznik_VHDG_046

Inside the bus there were photos, tools and videos that showed glimpses of her encounters with people on the road, and with whom she sometimes collaborated in the making of the tools necessary for the performance.


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