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What to do with the private property left behind by a man who fought against private property his entire life?

My great uncle, Pesaj Zaskin, was an important figure of the Israeli left wing. When I found out that he was about to die, I flew from Argentina to record his testimony. He was the only political activist in my family: a Marxist-Zionist that in 1952 immigrated to Israel to become a proletarian. He and his comrades founded a kibbutz, a formerly collectivist community located on the border with the West Bank, a neighboring zone where both Israelis and Arabs tried to co-habit peacefully.

After my great uncle’s death, I return to the kibbutz to collect his old belongings. His death represents a problem to the recently privatised kibbutz.Since he didn’t form his own family, an inheritance goes to someone outside the community for the first time ever.

Many times have I asked him why he didn’t stay in his own country to fight for social justice. To that, he once answered: what one owns, that is a complex issue.

Pesaj and I had planned to go to Pervomaisk, in Ukraine, to make a film about our origins. But he got sick, and we ran out of time. Pervomaisk means the 1st of May, labor day. Its walls speak a language that is strange to me. Still I can hear (or believe I can hear) the echo of a promise of revolution.


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Director and producer: Flora Reznik

Artistic collaboration and Cinematography: Ivo Aichenbaum

Sound recording: Jorrit van Rijn and Yuliya Malikova

Editor: Ariela Bergman

Sound post production: Lautaro Aichenbaum

Colorist: Agustina San Martín

Music: Alejandro Starosielski


With the support of INCAA

Winner of Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentina), Feature Documentary, Third Prize, 2017.


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